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Technology research and development

Sichuan Mining Group as a provincial-level enterprise technical centers, with the R & D team of 262 people, 17.31% of the total number of employees, by years of continuous development and improvement, and gradually form a complete sound system for technological innovation. Departure from the national macro-strategic planning, standing on the height of the companys long-term development strategy of the mainstream market, mainstream customers, low-cost, specialized, differentiated technology innovation strategy. Enterprise Technology Center tightly around this strategy, and actively carry out a series of supporting enterprise and long-term development needs of strategic technology and industrial development of cutting-edge technology research, design, manufacturing, and the introduction of technology digestion and absorption of work, and continue to learn advanced technology management models, and enhance the capability of independent innovation.

Technology Center has organized and sent six batches of technical backbone technology leaders and management cadres, to North Korea, Ethiopia, Turkey, Pakistan, Venezuela, for technical exchange visits and training into the ranks of the international advanced technology for the companys products , played a huge role in promoting the products to enter the international market.

2, in order to rely on the companys technology center, to adhere and school, joint, played an important role to improve the market share of the companys leading products. In 2011, the company invested heavily to hire domestic well-known experts, Professor, Chongqing University professor, professor at the Southwest University of Science and Technology, Sichuan University, CQC senior trainers, training designers of the companys technology, quality management, management cadres to enhance and improve the quality of our products, the quality of the design and management level.

Chongqing University to establish a strategic partnership, strengthen technical personnel training, great promotion and improved enterprise technology centers, technology research and development capabilities and enterprise core competitiveness. Technology Center leverages the establishment of strategic cooperation partnership with Chongqing University, cooperation through exchange of personnel involved in R & D projects, and experts from Chongqing University, scholars taught to company, the establishment of a Master of Engineering, Ph.D., postdoctoral series of joint training mechanism, and further strengthen the education of technical personnel, training, upgrade the technology level and R & D capabilities, so as to improve the companys overall technological innovation capability.

 Enterprise has carried out with Tsinghua University, China University of Mining and Technology, Chongqing University, Xihua University, Southwest University of Science and Technology and other universities and research cooperation, professional involved in casting, mechanical design and manufacturing and automation, mining machinery, materials science and engineering, through the years exploration has established a complete system for technological innovation, annually invest a lot of R & D funding for mine hoist, rotary kiln, steam calciner, ball mill, the series crusher, new products, new technology, new structure design and R & D, and has obtained 57 national patents, a strong impetus to technological innovation, enhance research and development capabilities.

Timely adjustments in 2010, according to the market situation and the companys development strategy, the company leading groups operating agency of institutions and technology centers, fully integrated enterprise technical resources, to strengthen the infrastructure construction of enterprise technology innovation. The company invested more than 200 million, to manage the ERP information system construction, integration of the company CAPP, BOM, PDM network system resources, the basic realization of technological innovation, production and management of information technology; improve technical personnel office environment, the company invested renovated technology personnel office and the central office of the central air-conditioning, with a state-of-the-art computers, projectors, laser printing copiers and other office facilities for technical personnel, technical personnel training, learning, exchange and improve conditions; further increase investment in science and technology, increase in large-scale processing equipment, high-precision equipment to improve the experiment required instruments, meters and dedicated facilities, improve the comprehensive development of the technology center.