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Xinjiang Corps set of key projects 417600000000 yuan investment plan

The Xinjiang production and Construction Corps Press Office held 17 conference. In 2015, the Corps will continue to increase affordable housing, social undertakings and other livelihood projects investment intensity. Keep the water, energy, interoperability, and municipal infrastructure investment scale. The optimization of industry, agriculture, service industry investment structure, improve investment quality and benefit. Pay attention to environmental protection and resource conservation and utilization. Conscientiously do a good job to undertake and construction assistance project. Arrangements for the implementation of key projects construction of the ten field of 86, a total investment of 417600000000 yuan, plans to invest 140000000000 yuan in 2015, representing an annual investment plan of 70%.
According to the deputy director of national development and Reform Commission Qiao Yongxin introduced the Corps, affected by the macroeconomic environment and maintain stability in Xinjiang situation, fixed asset investment growth slowed down month by month Corps from 2014 March onwards, industrial investment growth is weak, the real estate investment growth, investment downward pressure. In the face of the complex and severe investment situation, the Corps carried out ten large construction area of key construction projects and 150 days of investment program, effectively alleviate the downward pressure on the investment, from the beginning of the second half of investment show a steady upward trend. In 2014 the implementation of the construction of the ten areas, 70 key projects a total of 66 projects opened (complex) industry, operating rate of 94.3%, completed an investment of 122540000000 yuan. Investment accounted for 69.6% of the fixed asset investment completion of key projects construction of the ten fields, a strong impetus to the growth of investment in fixed assets.
Saving projects; municipal infrastructure construction investment 9660000000 yuan, focusing on the implementation of Kirk Dallas City, Shuanghe city municipal, urban and industrial park infrastructure construction; industrial construction investment 28170000000 yuan, focusing on the implementation of 2000000 Grass Lake Industrial Park, the two division spindle a period Xinjiang new Fuk cotton project phase, the seven division in Xinjiang hoyu 1000000 tons of heavy oil cracking olefin project and other projects; service industry construction investment 35690000000 yuan, focus on the implementation of the six key services division of Ecological Economic Development Zone green industry project, Kyushu Huitong project logistics in Hong Kong and the relevant division of commerce circulation, real estate development and construction projects; assistance construction investment 4010000000 yuan, focusing on the implementation of infrastructure, improve peoples livelihood, social undertakings, the development of the industrial assistance projects.
To ensure that key projects construction of the ten field regiment smooth implementation, will launch a 100 day to promote the construction of key projects and investment projects to implement the work from April, establishment of joint development and reform, construction, land and other departments for approval fast parallel channels, and strive to 4 by the end of the above 50 key demonstration project, 50% areas of the ten key projects the realization of open (complex) industry.