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Cement mill

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Cement mill


Transmission parts: divided into the edge and center transmission with auxiliary transmission line. Spherical roller bearings supporting the pinion section, the flexible coupling connection, upon request, optional hardened in Hardened reducer.
Bearing part of: the high and low static and dynamic pressure bearing self-aligning spherical. Support is divided into two forms of the hollow shaft bearing and sliding shoe bearing. Bearing, bearing a water-cooling device and automatic temperature measurement devices.

3 rotary parts: the cylinder material made ​​of high quality carbon structural steel, the use of automatic welding molding, overall annealing eliminate stress, machining manhole. Lined together with a series of high-manganese steel of carbon multi-wear-resistant alloy steel series and the company finance the development of the CKM series of new anti-wear alloy liner.

The plain cement within the slow advantage:
Positions divide the scientific and reasonable
Advanced and reliable in material level adjustable sieve plate separating storehouse
Original new combined grate plate screening out
Efficient and reasonable lining board type