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Product List

  • Aerial tramway

    Aerial tramway

    In general most scenic spot in our country andall sorts of ski resorts to meet the demand of the terrain, has simplestructure, convenient maintenance, less investment, short construction period,etc. This sort of cableway type diversity, hanging chair, hanging basket,hanging load) can be made of different users to choose. In our country hasbuilt a larger proportion of ropeway.
  • Multi-rope mining hoist

    Multi-rope mining hoist

    Sichuan Coal Group companies produce JKM, JKMD series of friction hoist roll diameter size of 5.5 m, depth of 1500 m.
  • Mine hoist

    Mine hoist

    JTP Series Mine Hoist for coal, metal ores and non-metallic mine in the tilt of the tunnel and shaft lift materials and personnel used.
  • Shaft sinking hoist

    Shaft sinking hoist

    shaft sinking hoist played well after handling guide somewhere else and then used for drilling wells, requiring compact, light weight, easy to disassemble handling the demolition of parts with sufficient rigidity to facilitate the installation again.
  • Pellet rotary kiln

    Pellet rotary kiln

    Pellet rotary kiln for curing the pellets discharged from the end of the chain grate ~ 850 ℃. And high-temperature baking operations.
  • Metallurgy rotary kiln

    Metallurgy rotary kiln

    Metallurgy rotary kiln is mainly used in metallurgical industry, steel plants depleted iron ore magnetic roasting; chrome, nickel, iron oxidation roasting; the Refractory Plant roasting high metallurgical ore and aluminum roasting clinker and aluminum hydroxide; chemical plant baking chrome ore and chromeore and other minerals.
  • Vibrating grizzly feeder series

    Vibrating grizzly feeder series

    Our companys feeder series is a kind of linear direction vibration feeder. it makes a feature of smooth vibrating, reliable in operation, long service life and suitable for feeding, material into the crusher while screening away soil contained in the raw material. They are widely used in mining, building-material, silicate and chemical industry in the crushing and screening plants.
  • Stirred tank

    Stirred tank

    This series of agitating tank is suitable in industries to wet agitate slurry materials, allowing ore particles to suspend and to fully contact with reagent before being mixed evenly and creating conditions for separating operation. Leaching tank is used for wet leaching agitation with central aeration, stepless adjustment of inverter and other features. The product is produced by the only enterprise designated by the former Ministry of Geology and Mineral Resources, in compliance with the industrial standards.

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